What is Inner Balance

Can I ask you if:

  • You have ever been overwhelmed by emotions, lost your temper, and got angry or impatient?

  • You have regretted your reactions or attitude?

  • You have shouted at your children, spouse, co-workers or employees? Are you happy with this situation?

  • You have let your work, the weather, noises, other people's behaviour and attitude, movies, TV, or the newspapers influence the way you feel and think?

  • Outside events distract your mind and make you think about them, even if you do not want??


All of the things above, and many others beside, affect how we feel, they affect our Inner Balance. 

Inner Balance is at the heart of our wellbeing. The presence of Inner Balance in our life gives us the ability to use common sense and good judgment and helps to stop events outside of our control adversely affecting us.

Of course, difficult, or unexpected things happen.  But when my Inner Balance is stable and strong, being able to deal with life’s unexpected issues is easier and brings more resilience and clarity to the situation. I now find myself being able to remain calm, no matter what happens in my daily life. And this is something you can also do, even if you think it is impossible.

What would you gain by having Inner Balance?


MK, Herts

I am very grateful for all of Debbie's help through my journey.  She created a beautiful space and atmosphere that helped me to relax.

Debbie is a very intuitive person and I always look forward to hearing her insights. It is always a pleasure to talk and be guided by her.

CE, Essex

Debbie is a skilled life coach who creates a supportive, safe space for you to explore important personal issues without judgement. She gently guides you to address key undealt-with issues and helps you come to a resolution using a range of different tools and techniques to aid you in moving on. I would recommend Debbie’s compassionate, pragmatic approach to anyone.

Patsy Sowter, CBE

I met Debbie by happy chance when I was at a very low ebb in my life. She opened up to me a completely different way of viewing myself and my problems. I now understand that I cannot change painful past experiences, but I can change the ways in which I think about these things, and think about myself. The answer for all of us really does lie within, and Debbie transformed my life by helping me to see this. She has remained in my life as a true, honest and supportive friend.