Weight No More

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This programme changed my life. In just a few weeks I have lost just over a stone in weight just by eating three smaller meals a day and drinking lots of water. I feel satisfied on those meals and there is nothing I can’t have if I want it – I just enjoy a smaller portion and enjoy the flavour rather than stuffing myself. I am in complete control. I have gained in confidence and feel 100% better about myself.


Anon - Herts 

The Weight No More is a remarkable weight loss programme. It is for anyone who is thinking seriously about losing weight. You don’t even have to worry about becoming thinner, YOU WILL JUST BECOME THINNER.

Comfort eating, binging, emotional eating and poor eating habits are also brought under control by using hypnosis to change the way you think about food. The Weight No More programme will also help you to rebuild your confidence and feel really good about yourself.


All sessions are face to face session and are personally tailored to YOU. Here is what typically happens over this 4 session programme which takes place over 4-6 weeks:

Session 1 – We start straightaway, during this hypnotherapy session we will go through the process of fitting the gastric band, so you can start to lose weight immediately you walk out the door.

Session 2 – Cravings, binge eating, comfort eating, if you have any triggers that are stopping you we will remove these during this sessions so that you can continue to lose weight successfully.

Session 3 – What else is stopping you from achieving your goal? How do you really feel about yourself, it’s time to look in the mirror and LIKE what you see. Everyone is different and as these sessions are all personally tailored we will use this time to reinforce the messages that will help you create new long term healthy eating patterns and in addition you will start to feel really good about yourself.

Session 4 – We will look at any potential blocks that may sabotage your future success to ensure that you continue to lose the weight, we will tighten the VGB and you will receive a personalised audio to use after you have completed the programme.


In addition you also receive:

·       The copy of 8 Golden rules that you need to follow, they will help you to deal with any distractions and stay on track;

·       You will get 2 personalised audios to listen to, one to use every day during the programme which will help to reinforce the new thinking and eating habits, and one will be given to you to continue to use at the end of the 4 weeks, to ensure you stick to your new eating habits;

·       You have email support between sessions.

By the end of the 28 days+ you would have created a new relationship with food and started your new healthier eating patterns for long term success.

All of this will allow you to change your eating habits to eat less, eat more healthily, finally take control of your weight and health, and to get rid of those emotional blocks that have stopped you achieving weight loss success in the past. You will be able to look in the mirror and like the person looking back at you.