My journey home

Having been on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement for some years now, when I came across something called the 3 Principles, I was very curious. The ethos really “spoke” to me in a way that the other therapies I had studied did not.

It was simple, obvious – in that the basic “teachings” have been around for centuries, it embodied all religions and cultures without being “religious”, making it easily available to everyone. Best of all:

· There were no tools or techniques to learn

· Nothing to memorise

· Nothing to change or fix in me or anyone else

Essentially, it was about dropping the excess expectations I had placed on myself and letting go of all the imaginary rules, must do’s and should do’s that had been made up by me or others. There was a real sense of freedom there for me.

So, armed with nothing more than curiosity I found myself signed up to a one-day event listening to someone who would eventually become one of my teachers and mentors, Ian Watson. I sat in this room with about 15 other people and listened to this man talk. There was something quite remarkable about the peace in the room that day.

To be honest, at that time, not everything he said made sense or even seemed possible. But I heard enough to want to keep exploring … and so my journey began.

I read books, watched webinars and attended events, “can it really be this simple?” I thought. But something was beginning to dawn on me. I was OK. Me! Including all my flaws, mishaps, mistakes – I was OK. I did not have to get “fixed” or embark on anything that would take me back over my painful past or memories, I did not have to examine what happened or why, neither did I have to learn how to behave differently, I was OK just as I was.

As I continued my journey, I learnt more about these “principles” I studied with a wonderful group of people, we sat in a room and we talked, we explored, we had the most amazing conversations. They were soft and gentle, there was a peace and stillness in the room that wrapped around me like a giant pair of nurturing arms. And in that stillness, I felt emotions, emotions that I had not felt in years. Gradually the weight of the worry and troubles I had carried around for years had been lifted of my shoulders.

In the peace and stillness, I had the courage to allow myself to be me, and whatever that was, I knew it was absolutely OK.

I learnt about the innocent illusion that our thoughts create and even better, that I did not have to take any notice of the endless scathing thoughts going around in my head.

As I relaxed deeper into the understanding, I notice subtle changes to how I showed up in my day to day life:

· I noticed I get less caught up in the drama and conflict;

· I noticed I had more compassion and understanding for other people;

· I noticed I started to experience a whole range of emotions and I no longer feared feeling emotions;

· I noticed how other people could no longer make me .. angry, upset, or anything else – no one had that power over me;

· I noticed a calmness in me, how the little things I saw and witnessed each day bought me great joy;

· I noticed that day to day life was just a whole lot better.

Things still go wrong, life has a habit of pulling the rug from under my feet from time to time, but none of that matters anymore. I can stay calm and funnily enough, from that place of calm, I can usually put thing right or help others, in a much more productive way – it’s a win win situation.

Is my life perfect? No of course its not, but its enjoyable, I look forward to each day and in the stillness of the peace of mind I now feel, I like who I am, I am home and I think that’s a great start. 😊

I now have the privilege of sharing my learnings with others, if this resonates with you and you want to find out more then please do get in touch for a chat.

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