Live with Hope

I really do believe we are going to be ok, we will get through this time. I acknowledge with sadness that there will be personal losses and some people will feel the pain of losing loved ones and that is not easy. It can be a very worrying time right now for some people, we have no idea what is ahead, and when we will be able to return to our “normal” lifestyles.

But I do believe that we will get through this, why? Because each and every one of us has endured something in our past, that at the time we had no idea how we would get through it, we have experienced having to get up not knowing what the day would bring, or what the future held. But here we are today.

So we will be ok, it cannot be any other way. Whatever the day or the future brings, we have no control over but when it happens, we will deal with it. When we come face to face with a real situation, we will respond the best way we can, we won’t have to think about it we will just get on and do the best we can do at that time.

I believe what we find difficult to deal with is the uncertainty, the not knowing, the fear. Yet all that is just the debate that goes around in our heads or our conversations, it's not based on knowing what will or will not happen, its based on our best efforts to try to predict an unpredictable future.

Taking things one day at a time and dealing with what we know today is all we can ever really do. Taking care of yourself today, so you can be there for others tomorrow is what you owe yourself, your family, your friends.

Do what you know is the right and the best thing for you today, be kind to yourself, help others if you are in the position to do so, but more than anything, take life one day at a time. Hope is our strength and with hope we are fearless.

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