All Lives Matter

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

I fully support the Black Lives Matter campaign but even more than that, I believe All Lives Matter, everyone matters. There has been, still is and unfortunately may well continue to be prejudices of every kind in this world in which we live, until we all realise that we are one race – The Human Race.

Children are not born with prejudice, this is something they learn from the people around them.

We are all human beings, and the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to accept and be at peace with each and every one of our fellow human beings. Together we bring a rich diversity to life.

I truly believe and wish I could help find a way to show that discrimination has no place and provides no purpose in this world, irrespective whether discrimination between people is based on colour, race, culture, religion, education, gender or anything else for that matter.

When we can all accept each other just as we are, warts and all, when we can see how our differences help to make this world a richer more vibrant, interesting place, when we can accept, without judgement, fear or hate the value each of us brings into this world, then I believe we can live a more harmonious and peaceful life alongside each other. We will find true joy, true happiness and real love.

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