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Life Coaching

Whether you want to explore your relationship, career or just what’s happening around you right now, making no decision is not an option, you just get to add regret, anger, disappointment etc, to the list of other things you beat ourselves up about! But where to start?


I will help you get to the heart of the matter. I will show you how to connect to the deepest part of yourself, reconnect you to your intuition and help you to understand who you are at your heart.

​I believe each and every one of us knows exactly what to do in any situation, it’s just that our minds become so confused and full of “stuff” there are time we can’t hear ourselves think or see clearly.

If you wait for other people to change, you will be waiting a long time, if you want a different job, or relationship, its not going to magically appear overnight. So often we blame all the stuff going on and the people around us for how we feel but what if that’s the wrong way round?

What if how you feel, what you think and what you do, is of our own making? It can very much appear other way round I know, but by being willing to explore another possibility you can literally transform your lives. I love the phrase “If you always think, what you have always thought, you will always get what you have always got”. Maybe it’s time to explore something different?

At some level we are all seeking to find a way to live the best life we can, to confidently make the right decisions, to be at ease within ourselves, to find peace in our lives.

Working with me I will show you:

*     how to stop the endless stories going around and around in your mind;

*     understand that you really can feel so much better and look forward to  each day;

*     how to make peace with your past, regardless of the experiences you have had; and

*     how to tap into and believe the endless source of your own intuition and wisdom.

I don’t believe anyone needs "fixing", you just need to understand how you create your life so that you can move forward, and unfortunately they do not teach this in schools and neither do humans come with a manual. A session with me is a chapter in the human being manual, it shines a light on how you work, our emotions, our behaviours, and how to get the results you want.

Individual coaching sessions are one hour by phone, Skype or Zoom and cost £40, or £200 for 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions.  Let's talk about how you can change your life.

Bespoke Intensive Coaching Days give you the opportunity to take a complete break from your everyday life. Sometimes it’s only by stepping away from a situation, we can see it clearly, and gain a fresh perspective on our lives. This is perfect for:

·       gaining clarity on work or other life issues,

·       finding the happiness and peace of mind that escapes you, even if you have achieved a great deal in life

·       exploring and gaining understanding your spiritual nature.


This includes a one hour consultation before you arrive and a one hour follow up by zoom or Skype after spending the day together. The total cost is only £350.

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What People Say

Debbie is a skilled life coach who creates a supportive, safe space for you to explore important personal issues without judgement. She gently guides you to address key undealt-with issues and helps you come to a resolution using a range of different tools and techniques to aid you in moving on. I would recommend Debbie’s compassionate, pragmatic approach to anyone. CE, Essex 2019ex -

I am very grateful for all of Debbie's help through my journey.  She created a beautiful space and atmosphere that helped me to relax.  Debbie is a very intuitive person and I always look forward to hearing her insights. It is always a pleasure to talk and be guided by her. MK, Herts - 2020