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Allow the wisdom of Tarot to bring clarity and guide you towards your goals and dreams!

While many people believe that Tarot will tell you the future, making predictions is not what it’s really about.  Its more about being in tune with your highest intuition. The Tarot is an amazing tool for insight, personal reflection and transformation, and it will provide you with guidance and answers to your questions.  The Tarot can reveal obstacles, hidden factors, solutions, options and potential outcomes that will help you move towards change and manifestation.

Tarot can also reveal the energies around you, past and present and will indicate what you need to focus on in order to get to where you want to go. Tarot will reveal the blockages that have prevented you from healing, moving forward or achieving your dreams and goals in life. It will guide to back onto your true path and bring you into alignment with your soul.

In short, a tarot reading can be a powerful way to reflect on aspects of our inner selves and the circumstances we find ourselves in. It can provide you with deep revelations and simple truths that offer transformational insight and release.

And that’s what I do, I help people to tap into their unconscious - that deep level of memory and awareness that resides within each of us but is usually outside our everyday experience. Even though we ignore the action of the unconscious most of the time, it profoundly affects everything we do. We may never know the full range and power of the unconscious, but there are ways to explore its landscape. Many techniques have been developed for this purpose - psychotherapy, dream interpretation, visualization and meditation. The tarot is another such tool.

The Tarot can offer you the guidance and clarity you seek but ultimately you will choose the path you want to take. My aim is to give you clarity, comfort and a new understanding of yourself, your choices and your life, so that you can move forward with Grace, Dignity and Hope.

Talk, message or email me and we will see what the universe would like you to know. I would consider it a privilege to be able to read for you.



Dear Debbie, thank you so much for the Tarot reading on Saturday. I am really pleased that you have not only answered my questions but also gave me insight on how I can take responsibility for the quality of my relationships. I felt very at ease during the reading and trusted your intuitive guidance without any fear what the cards my reveal. Without any hesitation I would recommend your tarot reading to any person who would like to glips into their future. Thank you - IO

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