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I met Debbie by happy chance when I was at a very low ebb in my life. She opened up to me a completely different way of viewing myself and my problems. I now understand that I cannot change painful past experiences, but I can change the ways in which I think about these things, and think about myself. The answer for all of us really does lie within, and Debbie transformed my life by helping me to see this. She has remained in my life as a true, honest and supportive friend.


Patsy Sowter (CBE)  

Intuitive coaching goes much deeper into the source of a problem or challenge than traditional coaching, as it not only looks at your behaviours or issues, but it also probes on a spiritual level. I follow principles and teachings of traditional coaching, such as goal setting, creating action plans, working on blockages, habits and beliefs. But, moreover, I show you how to connect to the deepest parts of yourself, guide you through your intuition and help you to tap into the power of the divine energy we all feel the presence of. It helps you to realise who you are at your core, as a person and as a spiritual being. Intuitive coaching puts life into perspective by connecting with the wisdom and power within all of us, which enables es you to draw on inner resources you didn't even know you had to transform.


We all want to have that feeling of vitality, goodwill and optimism. But unfortunately there are times in our life when we are faced with decisions or situations that appear out of our control and this can cause us to feel stressed and anxious. We end up tossing and turning at night with an endless stream of thoughts running through our minds and we find ourselves snapping at people for the least little thing. The more we try to clear our minds and understand what to do, the more stressed, anxious and confused we appear to be. We can end up feeling so confused and overwhelmed with the options and choices and range of possible outcomes, we do nothing. Sounds familiar? Our minds can become so confused and full of “stuff” we can’t hear ourselves think.

If we wait for other people to change, we will be waiting a long time, if we want a different job, or relationship, its not going to magically appear overnight to solve our problems. So often we blame all the stuff going on and the people around for how we feel but what if that’s the wrong way round? What if how we feel, what we think and what we do, is of our own making? It can very much appear other way round I know, but by being willing to explore another possibility we can literally transform our lives. I love the phrase “If we always think, what we have always thought, we will always get what we have always got”. Maybe its time to explore something different?

At some level we are all seeking to find a way to live the best life we can, to confidently make the right decisions, to be at ease within ourselves, to find peace in our lives.

Working with me I will show you:

*     how to stop the endless stories going around and around in your mind;

*     understand that you really can feel so much better and look forward to               each day;

*     how to make peace with your past, regardless of the experiences you have         had; and

*     how to tap into and believe the endless source of your own intuition and             wisdom.

Nobody needs "fixing" or needs to change, it is far better to gain the insights that will transform your life so you can really understand and accept yourself, and others, just as you are now. It’s this understanding that will lead to clarity of mind, a feeling peaceful and contentment, knowing what choices to make and the option to create the life you want and deserve.

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