Get That Job


As we all know, stress and anxiety are 21st century illnesses that cost both employers and individuals dearly. These conditions often manifest themselves as lack of confidence, uncertainty and, ultimately, as a lack of resilience.


The problem is that many people are unaware of how to handle stressful scenarios and so find themselves on a downward spiral, repeating the same mistakes and becoming more anxious and unhappy in the process. Nowhere is this situation more true than when we are looking for a new job, particularly if the search for this new role is not of your own choosing.


But to succeed both at both the interview stage and in your new position, it is important that you are in a good place emotionally, you feel confident and you are looking forward to the opportunities ahead - which is where I come in.


As a qualified and experienced Wellbeing CoachI will work with our to increase your confidence and resilience so your are at your best through all stages of the recruitment process, and beyond.


I do this by helping you:


  • Develop your confidence in yourself, your abilities and what you want to achieve, which includes working for, and with, other people;

  • Feel ready to take responsibility and be accountable in your new role;

  • Leave any negative past experiences in the past,  to ensure they are carried through into your new role;

  • Increase your resilience, no matter where or who you work with.


My aim is to ensure you are in the best possible place to not only obtain the job you want but to keep it and thrive, no matter what the environment or who you work with.


Before I was a Wellbeing Coach, I worked as a Company Secretary for over 20 years. During that time I gained a lot of experience in a wide variety of companies in London, ranging from large listed public companies to small private ones, so I really do understand the corporate environment.


Want to know more? 


I offer a 3-month coaching package tailored for you to Get That Job. And of course, there is always the option of individual sessions, either face to face, by skype or telephone.

I also offer this as a service for Recruitment Consultants to offer job applicants.  If you would like to know how this service could benefit your consultancy, please do get in touch for a chat.



MK, Herts

I am very grateful for all of Debbie's help through my journey.  She created a beautiful space and atmosphere that helped me to relax.

Debbie is a very intuitive person and I always look forward to hearing her insights. It is always a pleasure to talk and be guided by her.

CE, Essex

Debbie is a skilled life coach who creates a supportive, safe space for you to explore important personal issues without judgement. She gently guides you to address key undealt-with issues and helps you come to a resolution using a range of different tools and techniques to aid you in moving on. I would recommend Debbie’s compassionate, pragmatic approach to anyone.

VL, Essex

Debbie makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed, I’ve never had healing before I met Debbie & would definitely recommend it -100%, I felt like I had a soul massage when I left as felt so revitalised and positive