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Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

A 6 week course designed to give you all you need to understand the benefits of meditation, understand your stress and to help you build a regular meditation practice that is easy and will increase your resilience to stress over time.
Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

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6 week online course

About The Event

If you find yourself anxious, stressed, overtired, overwhelmed, or tend to overthink, the course will help you to better manage even your most troubling thoughts and emotions, this 6 week workshop is for you.

You will learn how to develop a daily meditation routine to support your everyday wellbeing and help you to regain inner peace and ease with everyday life.  Courses are practical, down-to-earth, light-hearted and suitable for all.

Over the 6 weeks we will cover the basics of what meditation is and how to do it so that you can: 

Ø relax your body

Ø calm your mind and improve your focus

Ø rest deeply and fall asleep

Ø manage pain and maintain good health

Ø think clearly and creatively.


This 6 week course is designed to help you understand the many benefits of meditation and how best to set up your own regularly practice at home so that your experience in meditation continues to improve. 

I will provide you with practical explanations and exercises and help you find ways to deal with the distractions of the mind that occur for everyone in the early stages of a meditation practice.

All attendees will receive a free guided meditation. Suitable for all.

  • Meditation for Stress (Adults)