What I Do

I combine the rich symbology within the Tarot and my skills as an experienced, professional Life Coach.  The Tarot is the storybook of our life, it is the mirror to our soul, and the key to our inner wisdom. It’s like holding up a mirror to ourselves so that we can access all that is hidden deep within our subconscious mind.  When I combine the insightful nature of the Tarot with the support and guidance of my coaching skills, you can create a mindset to achieve, you are creating a powerful partnership with your own intuition and wisdom which can help guide you to success.

A lot of people assume Life Coaching is about achieving big goals and this may seem out of reach to some. But in truth, Life Coaching can help bring about small everyday changes that that can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Tarot Life Coaching makes it much easier for you to talk about yourself, especially if you are shy. It’s a great way to help jog your memory when you are stuck, look at the big picture of your life, understand the patterns in life that we have created.

I really do believe, that deep down, we all know the solutions to the problems we are facing, its just that sometimes we need a little help accessing this internal wisdom. The imagery and symbols within the Tarot represent how we think, how we feel, how we engage in life, they link someone’s intuition, memory and emotions at a deep spiritual level. Tarot is an elegant system which reflects the whole of the human experience.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." Carl Jung

Readings and Coaching can be either by zoom or Skype or email. Payment is for individual sessions or a discounted package for 6. There is also a Special Duo of an email reading followed by a one hour Skype or zoom session, This option is great is you have a particular issue you want to get some insight into, or if you prefer to have the Tarot reading, and then contemplate the information before talking about it in a live session. Its also great if you just want to try things out.

A Tarot Life Coaching session costs £40 for a one hour, £200 for 6 x 1 hour sessions, or the Special Duo is £75

Whilst my first love is to combine Tarot and Coaching, these services can of course be undertaken in their own right or combined in a powerful and complementary way to provide a practical, holistic experience.

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What People Say

I’m very touched by your reading, it resonates with me 100%, I’m blown away by how accurate it is about my feelings, fears and mental state about the questions, it’s 100% spot on. You also answered at length each question and gave advice and the path I can follow in each one, that is just so helpful, I cannot thank you enough. I feel very encouraged and supported by your reading, that I have the guidance, advice and a path to follow so I can overcome this once and for all and live my life my way, with work so I can move forward in life. Thank you so much from all my heart Debbie, this reading is such a gift, I really cannot thank you enough. It was a pleasure to talk to you. Anon – Jan 2021

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