Who Am I

Hello, my name is Debbie, a mum, nana, a good friend, an eternal seeker of wisdom and truth, a lover of nature and nurture. I combine my experience and expertise as a wellbeing coach with my knowledge and understanding of spirituality.

My spiritual calling has had a profound effect on my life journey, ultimately releasing me from emotional and physical abuse and childhood trauma. Click here to read my story. It has been a journey of deep transformation, one that continues to be an ongoing process as I strive to be the best person I can be. I now use my experience to help others move through life with grace, dignity and hope.


As a wellbeing coach, tarot reader and energy healer, I realised that if I was to be authentic in my work, I must first heal myself and the distorted beliefs I held, I wanted to make peace with the never ending thoughts of unworthiness and not being good enough that I had adopted during my life.


By peeling back my own emotional layers, and facing my demons, I am now able to share my experience, knowledge and understanding with others who are on their own life journey. I aim to connect with my clients at a deep and meaningful level, o see past the stories, labels, beliefs, restrictions and expectations that you have placed on yourself.  I connect with your soul to see you, the real you that is unbroken and perfect as the day you were born.


It has taken me a lifelong journey to understand and be comfortable with my spiritual life, but this now allows me to work in a deeply intuitive way with my clients. 


All the services I offer can be undertaken in their own right or in a complementary way to provide a practical holistic experience. They are all aimed at finding, increasing and maintaining your own Inner Balance. The work I do has been born out of a real, honest desire to share all that I have learnt with others who also wish to release themselves from less than favourable past memories or experiences, and who want to simply live a happy and contented life.

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I am qualified and certified in the following therapies:

Master Life Coach, 3 Principals Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Timeline Therapist, Master Hypnotherapist, Meditation Leader, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer.


MK, Herts

I am very grateful for all of Debbie's help through my journey.  She created a beautiful space and atmosphere that helped me to relax.

Debbie is a very intuitive person and I always look forward to hearing her insights. It is always a pleasure to talk and be guided by her.

CE, Essex

Debbie is a skilled life coach who creates a supportive, safe space for you to explore important personal issues without judgement. She gently guides you to address key undealt-with issues and helps you come to a resolution using a range of different tools and techniques to aid you in moving on. I would recommend Debbie’s compassionate, pragmatic approach to anyone.

Patsy Sowter, CBE

I met Debbie by happy chance when I was at a very low ebb in my life. She opened up to me a completely different way of viewing myself and my problems. I now understand that I cannot change painful past experiences, but I can change the ways in which I think about these things, and think about myself. The answer for all of us really does lie within, and Debbie transformed my life by helping me to see this. She has remained in my life as a true, honest and supportive friend.

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